Are you tired of feeling this way

even though your doctor tells you

your labs are "normal"?   

  • fatigue 

  • weight gain 

  • depression

  • constipation

  • cold intolerance 

  • brain fog

  • muscle fatigue 

  • hair loss

  • menstrual disorders?

"All disease begins in the gut." - Hippocrates

You must heal the gut to heal the body. 

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Digestive Problems 

Does Any of This

Sound Like YOU?

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Chronic Fatigue &
Pre & Type 2 Diabetes 
Weight Loss and Obesity 
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"I was struggling with fatigue, low energy, exercise/activity intolerance to the point that I was almost completely incapacitated every other day for three years. My doctor had basically given up on me and was at a loss for what could be causing my symptoms.

I can now exercise as I choose and I am no longer needing naps during the day. I can play with my young daughter without fear of being sick."

-Kimberlee Hudgins

"Michael helped me to see that its important to understand the why of any symptom or problem I may experience. We found out I was dealing with nutrient imbalances and a sluggish thyroid. Through a diet and lifestyle plan that worked for my body, I was able to get off of birth control pills and anti depressants."

-Bridget Allen 

"There is nothing scarier than being 14 weeks pregnant, feeling awful, being told by conventional medical professionals that my symptoms are “normal”, but knowing something was not right. After speaking with Michael, I was confident to advocate for myself. He explained all the variables and mechanisms of proper thyroid function in a simple, easy to understand way."

-Victoria Rodriguez

Meet Michael Rutherford  FNTP & PHC

Millions of people on the outside look healthy, yet are miserable, exhausted, and left feeling defeated and alone.

Hey there, my name is Michael Rutherford, and I was one of those millions who were suffering and alone. I had IBS for nearly 20 years and it was controlling my life. By my mid 20s, not only did I deal with digestive issues, I was living off caffeine to make it through the day because of so much fatigue. 

I tried all the conventional advice like avoid dairy, just avoid gluten, eat more fiber, take probiotics, take Metamucil, and on and on. Nothing worked. I was left miserable and hopeless. 

Through my own healing journey, I became a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Primal Health Coach. Its now my passion to help others take back control of their health and life. 
I have a deep understanding and passion for fatigue, thyroid problemsdigestive issues, and metabolic diseases like Diabetes.

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Have you tried all the diets,

yet they never really work? 

  • Tired of counting points, calories, macros, exercising endlessly while still not losing weight? 

  • Tired of your annual doctors appointment only resulting in more medications or higher doses

  • Feeling defeated because your doctor tells you your "labs are normal", yet you feel anything but "normal"?

  • Is your hair thinning and falling out no matter how much collagen or "hair, skin and nails" supplements you use? 

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A tested and proven approach

that gets lasting results!

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