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Early Access for spring 2024

Course Curriculum

Dr. Mara Bargeron, PhD, FBCS

I have taken 4 different functional blood chemistry courses and Michael's program was by far the most comprehensive. Other programs simply teach you optimal "highs and lows" but fail to get into the nitty gritty of the physiology behind the blood work markers. By learning the physiology of the systems, I have a much deeper understanding and am better able to critically think, make connections, & draw conclusions for my clients. FWI was an amazing investment I can't recommend it enough!! 

Jillian Warwick, FNTP, RWP, FBCS

If you're passionate about going above and beyond conventional medicine standards and want to have deep insight into the body at a cellular level, this course is IT! Michael's attention to detail, in depth knowledge and experience, far exceeded my already high expectations!

Bess Ross, FNTP, FBCS, PHC

If you are on the fence, don't be. The ROI of this course is far beyond the price tag. Do yourself and your clients a favor, get this course!

Calista Chammas, FNTP, FBCS

Single best investment I’ve made since becoming an FNTP! You make your money back immediately because every single client is dying to have someone read their labs from a functional perspective to get to the root cause!

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Functional Blood Chemistry:

1. No More Guessing With Protocols


With a large selection of bio-markers and body systems to choose from, you can dial in exactly what each client needs, from both their symptomology and their biochemistry.

2. You'll Get More Referrals!


The number one way to get more referrals is to get bigger and better results with your clients. When you know exactly what your client needs, you can created detailed, specific and effective protocols. When you get someone fast and big results, they want to tell everyone about who helped them do this! Let it be you.

3. Easy and Affordable to Follow Up


Convincing clients to regularly drop $300-400 on a Gl Map or DUTCH, is not always the easiest battle. The good news is that blood chemistry is not only affordable, it can often be ordered through their PCP and covered by their insurance. Clients LOVE this and they are more willing to retest frequently! More frequency allows for monitoring the progress over time.

4. Build Confidence


Confidence is infectious. There is nothing worse for a practitioner than when their client second guesses them. If you aren't sure about the protocols you suggest, how do you expect them to trust you either? When you have objective data that you can confidently interpret, self doubt becomes a thing of the past!

5. The Most Science Backed Testing


Blood chemistry tests do not get the credit they deserve in this industry. They should be the first test ordered in nearly every case. Other more newer functional tests will cost your clients $$$ more, all while giving you LESS information to act on.

Early Access for spring 2024

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Discover what markers are covered in each module

Student Testimonials

See what some of our previous students have to say about the program!

Jessica Wells, FNTP, FBCS

Thank you for putting this all together for us. It's an amazing course. I know I will be referencing the videos many more times - the amount of information you have in there is staggering.

Kim Nowlin, FNTP, FBCS

I think Physiology needs to be added somehow to the title of this class. It's so complex, but once I can let the physiological process sink in, it helps things make SO much more sense!

Leslie Manning, FNTP, FBCS

In my 1:1 functional blood chemistry analysis with Michael, which is included in your tuition, he was able to pinpoint 'hidden' areas of dysfunction, imbalance and nutrient issues. This is something my doctor or ND has not been able to do.

Amy Alden Baragar, FNTP, FBCS

This class is fantastic. The level of detail we explore for each blood marker goes way beyond whether or not the result falls in/out of range. It's a deep dive into every marker on the test, understanding the physiology behind those markers and then connecting the the dots between each one. This will take your practice to a whole new level.

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