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  • Are you struggling with structuring your practice model? 

  • Confused about whether or not to offer payments plans?

  • Are you tired of discovery calls not going as planned?

  • Want a simple map to building effective protocols for clients?

  • What could you do with MORE CASH FLOW? 

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  • Do you feel lost when it comes to working with clients?‚Äč
  • Are you confused about how to create effective protocols?
  • Do you wish you had an experienced FNTP to mentor and guide the process?
  • Are you lost when it comes to business basics, website design, growing your audience and what kind of offerings you should be making?


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Business Basics 

LLC vs Sole Proprietor 

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Business Essentials 

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Package Building

How many options to offer 

Structuring for Success 

How to price them 

Appointment flow chart

Creating Protocols

What to look for when building

PDF e-book of my most used

My favorite supplement brands

Root cause mapping

Website Design

Homepage Must Haves

Website No-no's

Building contacts

Going from viewers to clients

Call to Action

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