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Meet Michael Rutherford 


Millions of people on the outside look healthy, yet are miserable, exhausted, and left feeling defeated and alone.

Hey there, my name is Michael Rutherford, and I was one of those millions who were suffering and alone. I had IBS for nearly 20 years and it was controlling my life. By my mid 20s, not only did I deal with digestive issues, I was living off caffeine to make it through the day because of so much fatigue. 

I tried all the conventional advice like avoid dairy, just avoid gluten, eat more fiber, take probiotics, take Metamucil, and on and on. Nothing worked. I was left miserable and hopeless. 

Through my own healing journey, I became a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Primal Health Coach. Its now my passion to help others take back control of their health and life.

I have a deep understanding and passion for fatigue, thyroid problems, digestive issues, and metabolic diseases like Diabetes.

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